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Recommended Reading

Although recommended, these books are not available through this site.  If more information is needed, please contact us.




Finding the Reality of God, by Paris Reidhead

Evidences of Eternal Life, by Paris Reidhead

10 Shekels and a Shirt, by Paris Reidhead


Revival Fire, by Wesley Duewel

The Autobiography of Charles Finney, by Charles Finney

The Invasion of Wales by the Spirit Through Evan Roberts by James Stewart

Rut, Rot, or Revival, by A. W. Tozer

Why Revival Tarries, by Leonard Ravenhill

Revival God's Way, by Leonard Ravenhill


The Soul of Prayer, by P. T. Forsyth

How They Prayed, by E. & L. Harvey - Vol. 3

Kneeling We Triumph, - by E. & L. Harvey - Vol. 1 & 2

The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer, by E. M. Bounds

Mighty Prevailing Prayer, by Wesley Duewel

Spiritual Warfare

Guide To Spiritual Warfare, by E. M. Bounds

The Christian in Complete Armour, by William Gurnall

War on the Saints (unabridged), by Jessie Penn Lewis

The Authority of the Believer, by MacMillan


They Knew Their God, by E. & L. Harvey - Vol. 1 & 2

Molded by the Cross - Life of Jessie Penn Lewis, by J. C. Metcalfe

The Autobiography of Charles Finney, by Charles Finney

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret,  by Mrs. Howard Taylor


The Way to Pentecost, by Samuel Chadwick

Helps to Holiness, by Samuel Logan Brengle

Keys to the Deeper Life, by A. W. Tozer

Praying Hyde,

State of the Church, by Andrew Murray

Heroes of the Holy Life, by Wesley Duewel

They Found the Secret, by V. Raymond Edman